Parent-Teacher Association

Parent-Teacher Association

Innocent Children's Walk Volunteer Group




  1. Give full play to the spirit of home-school cooperation and consolidate the bridge of communication between home and school.


  1. Parents and children experience and grow together, and learn from experience.


  1. Understand the philosophy and direction of the school, cooperate and trust each other, and promote home-school cooperation


  • Many scholars' studies have confirmed that parental involvement has a positive relationship with children's learning, language, social emotions, and self-care performance (Becher, 1986; Henderson, 1987; Clark, 1988; Scott-Jones, 1988).


  • Western governments have advocated the importance of parent-school cooperation. The research of educators also confirmed that school education must cooperate with parent education to achieve the effect of education (Epstein, 1992; Steinberg, 1996).