Service Provision

Service Provision

Early Childhood Education Service
In line with the "child-oriented" educational philosophy, the school establishes a pleasant and diversified learning environment for children, and provides a comprehensive, balanced and appropriate curriculum to enhance children's personal qualities and strive to cultivate children's self-confidence, autonomy, self-learning, and self-discipline , To provide diversified and high-quality educational services for children aged two to six in the district. The school curriculum is arranged according to the development of children, adopts a comprehensive model of themes, uses the content of the teaching kit to draw up progress at all levels, and then uses different teaching aids, books, teaching activity reference materials, etc. to organize school-based courses with comprehensive content and can take into account children’s The development of this aspect lays a good foundation for children's future learning and growth, promotes their balanced development in moral, intellectual, physical, social and aesthetic aspects, and achieves the goal of holistic education


Class Structure
The school’s class organization has four levels, namely Class N (2-3 years old), Class K1 (3-4 years old), Class K2 (4-5 years old) and Class K3 (5-6 years old). Full-time classes.


Opening Hours
Arrangements for Coming to School: 8:00-9:00 am
Arrangements for Leaving School: 4:30-6:00 pm


Integrated Programme
The school has a group of six-person combined services. Based on the concept of integrated education, it provides training for children with special learning needs, including: individual training, group training, classroom counseling and home training, etc., to help those with special needs Children can learn and grow in an inclusive environment.


Support for Non-Chinese speaking Children

  1. Provide basic school information in both Chinese and English.
  2. We arrange interpretation and/or translation service for applicants as necessary, or allow parents and children to be accompanied by a Chinese speaking relative/friend during the interview to facilitate communication.
  3. Important school circulars will be translated into English.
  4. Engage for Non-Chinese speaking parent volunteers to enhance communication between school and parents.
  5. Create an inclusive learning environment to facilitate students’ integration.
  6. Facilitate professional development for teachers to develop effective strategies for helping Non-Chinese speaking students to learn Chinese.


Enquiry for Parents of NCS Children
Tel No.:2333 3279
Email:[email protected]