Parent Teacher Association

Parent Teacher Association

- The parent-teacher association of the school has been registered as a legal entity/organisation in accordance with Section 5A (1) of the Societies Ordinance.


Goals and functions :

- To promote contact and communication between parents and schools, and to establish a good partnership.
- Through the close cooperation of parents, we will jointly promote the healthy growth of children in all aspects of academic and physical education.
- Through parent education, parents can better understand the needs of their children and pay attention to youth policies.
- Through planning and organizing various developmental and recreational activities, developing parents' potential and strengthen parent-child relationship.


Parent Teacher Association Structure

- Chairperson
- Vice-Chairmen
- Treasurer
- Secretary
- Recreation
- Contact 
- General affairs


Volunteer Mother Team

Through parent participation in school activities, the relationship between the school and parents is enhanced and parents can understand the life of the nursery school.