Application Form and Procedures

Application Form and Procedures

Collection of application Forms (No. quota)


Download Application Form


1. Obtain from the School Office in person  (whole year)

- Office Hour:9:00a.m. to 5:00p.m.( Monday to Friday)
  9:00a.m. to 12:00n.n (Saturday)


Download the application from the school website 
School website


2. Submit the application form (whole year)

- Submit the completed application form and the require documents in person / by post to the school. If you send it by post, please be sure to pay enough stamp fees.


3. Documents Required

- A completed Application Form 
- For applicants born in Hong Kong, please submit a photocopy of the applicant's Hong Kong Birth Certificate 
- For applicants that are not born in Hong Kong, please submit a photocopy of the applicant's Birth Certificate, foreign passport and documents permitting him/her to stay in Hong Kong
- A copy of the child's immunisation record
- An application fee of HK$40 should be paid to our Admission Office by cash or crossed cheque made payable to “Pok Oi Hospital Chan Hsu Fong Lam Kindergarten”. Please write the applicant’s name at the back of the cheque.  (The fee is non-refundable)
- Two photos of the applicant.
- A copy of address proof 
- 4 stamped self-addressed envelopes (10x23cm) with sufficient postage. Self-addressed envelopes will be used to notify the applicant about the interview arrangement and the result of the application. Please put the name of the applicant on the front envelopes and ensure the address is clear and accurate.


4. Arrangement for admission application of non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Children


When interviewing NCS children, interpretation and/or translation service for applicants will be provided where necessary; or parents and children are allowed to be accompanied by a Chinese speaking relative/friend to facilitate communication.

- Enquiry Telephone Number and Email address for Parents of NCS Children


5. Our school Information on Profile of Kindergartens and Kindergarten-cum-Child Care Centres



6. Kindergarten K1 Admission Arrangements Website