School-based Curriculum

School-based Curriculum

According to the school’s mission and annual curriculum development goals set by the School Sponsoring Body, the school plans the curriculum in accordance with the "2006 Pre-primary Education Curriculum Guide (Education Bureau)" and the "Kindergarten Curriculum Guide 2017". Comprehensive curriculum design for various learning areas, and the content is arranged in accordance with the developmental needs, abilities, interests and experience of children.


The curriculum is implemented according to children’s development and interests. Application of diversified thematic teaching and project study activities are designed to coordinate with the corner setting of the classroom to enhance children’s ability of independent learning, critical thinking and problem-solving. Through different outdoor visits and experience activities. Children explore things around them personally and enrich their life experience. Life-wide learning activities encourage young children to learn through exploration, and build diversified teaching elements in line with the characteristics of school-based curriculum to extend what they have learned and to develop children’s language skills.


Bi-literacy and Tri-lingualism

Teaching English and Putonghua through activities to improve children's  biliterate and trilingual ability.


Project study

Stimulate children’s learning interest and curiosity through Project Studies, thereby establishing their multi-dimensional and logical thinking and to enhance their problem-solving abilities.


Montessori Teaching Method

We provide a comfortable learning environment and life training curriculum in order to encourage children to operate, cultivate their self-discipline, self-confidence, autonomy and self-learning attitudes, and to enhance their self-care ability.


Environmental education

Through life experience and appreciation, to nourish our children to cherish and respect life and the natural environment to cultivate good morals, correct values ​​and self-image.


Learning corner activity

Through the rich learning environment, children explore and learn in a relaxed and happy atmosphere to establish their independent learning attitude.