School-based Curriculum

School-based Curriculum

In accordance with the Education Bureau’s Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guidelines (2017), we take play-based learning as the curriculum axis and "Child-Centredness" as the core value. It enhances children's exploration through play, while also giving them opportunities to discover knowledge and reference discoveries on their own. The school attaches great importance to moral education. We actively promote caring for the campus, create a learning atmosphere of friendship, respect and acceptance, and develop a positive system of values and attitudes. We also value home-school cooperation. Parent education is an important part of the curriculum. The school regularly holds parents workshops to enhance family harmony, strengthen the role of parents, and work with the school to promote the healthy growth of children.


(1) "Child-Centredness"
The school values ​​each child as an independent individual, respects their uniqueness and diversity. We take care of children's different needs and teach them in accordance with their abilities. 

(2) "Learning through Play"
In accordance with the Education Bureau’s Kindergarten Education Curriculum Guidelines (2017), the school takes play-based learning as the curriculum axis, strengthens exploration from play, and allows children to explore opportunities for knowledge and citing discoveries on their own, and values ​​the balanced development of children.

(3) Life education
The curriculum is based on the children's existing knowledge and life experience, meets the needs of children's growth and development, provides life-oriented, emphasizes the use of sensory exploration to let children absorb new things, enrich the learning process, and learn from daily life. In the process, the teacher intervenes in the children's learning at appropriate times, guides the children to think, enhances the children's logical thinking ability and problem-solving ability, so that the children become active learners.

(4) Moral Education
The school attaches great importance to moral education, actively promotes caring for the campus, creating a friendly, respectful, accepting, appreciative and harmonious learning atmosphere, cultivates children's correct values, and establishes positive thinking.